Two kings

The valley cannot rest: the main gallery and entrance to the ore mine in the Seelbach Valley has collapsed. Countless miners died, others are buried. Templars appear more and more frequently in the valley, seeking revenge for their humiliating defeat in the Tiefenbach tavern.

As bodyguards of the Staufer king, the knights of the Erzburg are targets for the dark backers of the Welfs’ king of Brunswick. How much gold and silver must they offer for the Tiefenbach brothers to commit treason against their Hohenstaufen king and murder him?

Is there a secret royal meeting in Bamberg so that the years-long dispute over the throne will finally come to an end? ? On the occasion of a grand wedding among the high nobility, all those with rank and name make their way to Bamberg. Friend and enemy.

Then the king’s advisor is murdered, the Bishop of Siegen is kidnapped and his bastard son is attacked … King Philip of Swabia is alone now …

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The second volume was published on September 10, 2023.